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Business Continuity Experts

Business Continuity for the price of backups!

Many think of large disasters when thinking of reasons for Business Continuity planning like Hurricanes, Tornados, Fire and Floods.  However today human error (end users) or malware (Ransomware) are more likely.

What would you do if you lost ALL of your data? All Backups, local or cloud based, are not equal! It could take hours, days or worse weeks to recover all your systems in the a production running state.

Does your current plan provide with starting systems in as little of 6 seconds? Most system are fully restored, in a pre-planed staged manner, in about 15 minutes on your premise or in our secured data centers.

We will evaluate your environment and provide cost effective pan and options which to choose. Today's technology are now in the reach of the small business owner.  Inquire today.

Managed Office 365 and Azure Hosting Solutions

Microsoft Office 365 is a low cost cloud delivery model of today's business critical Services and Applications.

Examples of these services include hosted email with advanced data security (encryption) and loss protection options, many of the Microsoft applications that you we all know and use daily (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, PowerPoint, Visio, etc)

Buying right however is important. Know the options. We not only help you decide but assist in the best purchasing options with discounted price  opportunities. We offer this consultative service at no cost!

Managed Telephony / Unified Communications Solutions

Modern Businesses today are mobile. Access to telephony resources anywhere are critical, no matter your staff's location. The benefits don't just stop at increased productivity, but it enables employees to work from anywhere, any time, and from any device. Today's workforce need and desire to stay connected, to help organizations achieve the goals and client satisfaction. This is the new "norm"!

We understand business leaders are busy. Keeping their focus with limited time availability on running the business. We can help and engage with staff to develop these relationships, helping assess the current telephony solution and service(s) and areas for improvement. Whether its only a financial concern, or the system is not providing the services you need.

Many times we find we are able to save our client's money, expand functionality and often at no additional cost when we take a broad view approach.

Contact us today to find out about this no cost service.

Managed Security Services


We will share our years of experience and offer the best and most cost effective approaches to proactively protect you.

While no single product or service can guarantee you 100% protection, our proven tiered approach provides a best practice approach. We offer onsite consultation and will perform an initial review and summary no cost evaluation.

Even one system left in a compromised state is a potential gateway to threats to compromise your network.

Our NOC (Network Operations Center) and SOC (Security Operating Services) are trusted and industry leading. Helping with your compliance needs and 24x7x36 monitoring and support. This proactive approach is the best chance at keeping your systems reliable and safe. Protect your brand and sensitive client data. Inquire today.

Professional Services Solutions

Have a project to complete?

Quarterdeck Technologies provides turn key project management and implementation services.

We work with you to determine the scope of the project and provide a written statement of work and help establish the budget.

We can assist in both small or large Enterprise Projects and cover the design, equipment acquisition, implementation and training. We can handle it all.